Grey tiles: the backbone of minimalist design

Minimalism has become a major trend in interior design. At the heart of this philosophy is the neutral colour palette, where grey reigns supreme. As a floor covering, grey tiles are the backbone of minimalist design, offering a multitude of possibilities for creating spaces that are both elegant and soothing. Here are a few details.

The power of grey

Grey is not just a neutral colour. Its variety of shades, from light, almost white grey to deep anthracite grey, gives it a unique richness and depth. This diversity allows you to play with light and space, creating a feeling of airiness and grandeur in any room.

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Grey tiles: infinite combinations

The beauty of minimalism lies in its simplicity. Grey tiles fit perfectly into this philosophy, adapting to different styles and materials to create unique looks.

The range of greys on the website offers a variety of shades, from deep anthracite to light, almost white grey, to suit every taste and style. From floors to walls, kitchen credenzas to showers, grey tiles lend themselves to a multitude of applications.

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A harmonious combination

Thanks to their neutrality, grey tiles blend perfectly with a wide range of materials and colours. They blend harmoniously with light woods, black accents for a contemporary look, or white tones for a more Scandinavian feel.

An asset for the space

Far from being dull or boring, grey can be used to brighten up spaces and make them appear larger. Light grey tiles, laid flat over large surfaces, create a feeling of space and luminosity.

In small rooms, grey tiles play an important role. They can create the illusion of more space and maximise light. Their light hue reflects natural light to make small spaces feel more open and airy. This makes them a wise choice for urban flats and modest-sized houses.

More than just a covering

Choosing grey tiles is more than just an aesthetic choice. Their strength and durability make them a practical and sensible choice for high-traffic areas. Easy to clean and maintain, they guarantee exceptional longevity.

Professional advice

In the quest to create a truly unique space with grey tiles, a few professional tips can prove invaluable. 

combine grey and dark tiles

First of all, don't hesitate to play with contrasts by combining light and dark grey tiles. This strategy can add an interesting visual dimension to your space, creating focal areas and adding depth to your design. 

Show your originality

Opt for a variety of formats for a touch of originality. Mixing tiles of different sizes and shapes can create a dynamic and captivating visual effect, while adding a dose of character to your decor. What's more, make the most of natural light to sublimate the shades of grey. 

Grey tiles have the ability to reflect light in a unique way, and by making the most of the natural light in your space, you can highlight their subtle play of tones. Finally, for a more personal touch, don't hesitate to add a few splashes of colour. 

Add touches of colour

Whether through decorative accessories, textiles or even works of art, adding touches of colour can inject warmth and personality into your space, while perfectly complementing the timeless elegance of grey tiles. By following these professional tips, you can create a truly remarkable interior, where every detail is carefully thought out to evoke sophistication and style.


The backbone of minimalist design, grey tiles are an essential element in creating spaces that are elegant, serene and timeless.


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